Our 2017 Market Vendors



Acme Plinth Fine Wood

Owner: Lincoln Mulcahy
Telephone: 613 340 0777613 340 0777
Email: anonbox@mac.com

Products:  Original woodwork implements such as cutting boards, serving platters, phone stands, zen gardens and some small furniture

Stall location: CH3 ↑↑ top ↑↑  



Owner: Judy Todd
Telephone: 613-342-2562
Email: allthingzenergy@gmail.com

Products:  Scarves, accesorries and ponchos made with sari silk, recycled materials and fine fabrics. Various sewn and knit/crochet accessories. Hand painted home décor, fiber art and funky jewelry

Stall location: 13 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Aubin Farms

Owner: Roshan & Tim Aubin
Telephone: 613-658-5721
Email: aubinfarm@aol.com
Website: http://www.aubinfarm.com

Products:  All organic meats and vegetables, jams and chutneys made from our own produce. Samasos and pakones, organic roses

Stall location: 46 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Aultman Furniture

Owner: Greg Aultman
Telephone: 613-348-1398
Email: gregaultman@gmail.com
Website: www.aultmanfurniture.squarespace.com

Products:  Small custom woodworking business. Tables, chairs, cutting boards, peppermills, spoons

Stall location: 5 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Bee Happy Honey

Owner: Elaine Peterson
Telephone: 613-214-2407
Email: beehappyhoney@hotmail.ca

Products: We have been producing unpasteurized honey for over 25 years. Liquid honey, cut comb honey, beeswax candles and other beeswax products are the bulk of what we do.

Stall location: 22 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Brokor Greenhouse

Owner: Koren Manneck
Telephone: 613-657-3375
Email: brokorgreenhouses@bell.net
Website: www.brokorgreenhouses.com

Products: Wide selection of annuals, herbs and hanging baskets and containers. Cut flowers starting late may until late october, arrangements for social occasions.

Stall location: 31 & 32 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Corn Acre Farms

Owners: Gale Banks
Telephone: 613-928-2977
Email: cornacres@ripnet.com  
Website: www.cornacrefarms.com

Products: Gourmet super sweet corn, snap beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, leeks and loads more produce mostly grown chemical free.

Stall location: 38 & 39 ↑↑ top ↑↑



Owners: Paul, Alison, and Nick Goodyer
Telephone: 613-523-5061
Email: pandagoodyer@sympatico.ca

Products:  Offering a traditional British tearoom menu. Scones with jam and clotted cream, Cornish pasties, sausage rolls, baked potatoes with a variety of toppings. Eccles cakes and loose leaf teas.

Stall location: 23 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Deanne Moore Studio

Owners: Deanne Moore
Telephone: 613-342-6318
Email: crewdee@hotmail.com

Products: Pinback buttons, bracelets, upcycled items, "crafted" supplies.

Stall location: CH9 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Don's Custom Carpentry  

Owners: Don & Laurie Bell
Telephone: 613-926-2960
Email: lbell@jcis.ca
Website: www.donscustomcarpentry.com

Products: Pine and cedar furniture & other wood products, garlic, seasonal vegetables.

Stall location:  27 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Earth’s Harvest Farm

Owners :  Liza and Luke Swale
Telephone: 613-327-1879
Email: earthsharvestfarm@gmail.com
Website:  www.earthsharvestfarm.ca

Products: Grass-fed organic beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, pastured pork (non-organic), chicken jerky, preserves, seasonal soups, cat grass, farm made dips, bath bombs and soaps.

Stall location: 35  ↑↑ top ↑↑


Everything Country

Owners :  Patty Stafford and Norma Giziewiez
Telephone: 613-345-7548
Email: ashhpattylinn@gmail.com

Products: Signs for all occassions, wooden and repurposed items for home décor, quilted items such as touch quilts (for alzheimer, vision impaired, ADD), table runners, microwave bowls & potato bags.

Stall location: CH6 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Fly Creek Farm

Owners: Brandy & Dave Jackson
Telephone: 613-246-1884
Email: brandyjackson1@gmail.com

Products: Market garden vegetables, canning and preserves, feather crafts, smudging medicine, pork & beef (when available), flowers.

Stall location: 7 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Fox Family Farm

Owners: Lori Fox
Telephone: 613-926-2617

Products:  Fresh Produce.  Corn, beans, peppers, kale, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, lettuce, onions, celery, spinach, pumpkins, potatoes, preserves, squash, herbs.

Stall location: 29 & 30 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Gibbons Family Farm

Owner: Sarah Gibbons
Telephone: 613-275-2893
Email: mail@gibbonsmaple.com
Website: www.gibbonsmaple.com

Products: Maple syrup, sugar and other maple products.

Stall location: 34 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Grandma & Grandpa Jams & Jellies

Owners: Jerry & Claudette Flaro
Telephone: 613-932-4234
Email:  gflaro3@cogeco.ca

Products: Various jams, jellies, relishes, chutneys, salsas and pickles.

Stall location: 36 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Granite Gardener 

Owner: Peter Warren
Telephone: 613-340-7117
Email: warrenrannells@gmail.com

Products:  Fresh produce, pepper mills, preserves, roasted coffee beans.

Stall location: 0  ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Haanover Farms

Owner: Oliver & Renate Haan
Telephone: 613-396-6622
Email: info@ecopork.ca
Website: http://www.ecopork.ca

Products:  Pork, beef, rabbit, maple syrup, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, beets, leeks, pumpkins, sunflower seeds, straw bales, cucumbers, lettuce, squash.

Stall location:  DW3 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Halls Apple Orchards

Owners :  Chris and Kim Hall
Telephone: 613-342-6320
Email: 123ckhall@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hallsapplemarket.com/

Products: Apples, apple products, ciders & baked goods.

Stall location:  DW2 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Jeff & Grand-daughters

Owner: Jeffrey Molson
Telephone: 613-926-2252
Email: jeff@ripnet.com

Products:  Fresh produce. Vegetables, potatoes, peas, beans, carrots, onions, beets, cucumber, dill.

Stall location: 33 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Jo's Creations & Gluten Free

Owner: Joanne Wessel
Telephone: 613-341-7308
Email: jo.wessel@xplornet.com

Products: High powered magnetic healing jewelery & semi precious stones, Gluten Free cookies, cakes breads, buns butter tarts, bacon butter tarts, brownies, carrot cake, organic fruits & veggies used in recipes.  Also lactose and sugar free treats.

Stall location: 42 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Karen Martin 

Owner: Karen Martin
Telephone: 613-246-0548
Email: kjmartin@hotmail.com

Products:  Handknit items made from wool, cotton blends or man made yarns. We make socks, hats, mittens, scarves, blankets, sweaters and much more.

Stall location:  CH11 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


LM Crafts

Owner: Leah Burns  
Telephone: 613-342-9586

Products: Kitted and crocheted baby blankets, sweater sets, bibs, mitts, scarves, slippers, dishcloths, hand towels, tea cozies, pouches, bag holders, tote bags, afghans, neck warmers

Stall location: 21 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Le Saladier ~ Jamar Farm 

Owner: James Hall & Marc Poirier
Telephone: 613-269-3428
Email: jamarfarm@gmail.com
Website: www.lesaladier-jamarfarm.com

Products: Hand turned salad bowls, plates, platters, spatulas, cutting boards, kitchen accessories. Katahdin Lamb, locally raised, grassfed, various cuts available, half or whole lamb can be ordered.

Stall location: 16 - 17 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Lemon Tree

Owner: Tom Meloche
Telephone: 613-865-8841

Products:  Refreshments, fresh lemonade and drinks, mexican tacos

Stall location: CH12  ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Lise and Paul's Creations    

Owner: Paul Matte and Lise Lalonde-Matte
Telephone: 613-342-3882
Email: mattepaul@sympatico.ca

Products:  Paul produces original photographic prints from the 1000 Islands and wall sculptures. Lise produces primarily handmade primitive miniature dolls and primitive décor.

Stall location: B1 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Margaret's Swedish Weaving

Owner: Margaret Neufeld  
Telephone: 613-498-2121  
Email: ernestneufeld@hotmail.com

Products: Swedish weaving, afghans, runners, wine bags,etc...Weaving on shirts.

Stall location: 25  ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Molson Gardens

Owners: Larry, Nancy, Doreen Molson
Telephone: 613-926-2745
Email: larry5g2000@yahoo.ca

Products: Beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, peas, beans.  We sell what we grow!

Stall location: 12 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Natasha’s Fine Foods

Owner: Natalia Edwards
Telephone: 613-802-9513
Email: nataliia.bezugla@gmail.com

Products: Fresh authentic Ukrainian food, cabbage rolls, meat patties, perogies, pelmeni, soup, salads, pizza, cheburaki, baked goods.

Stall location: 9 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Norton's Unique Wood Turnings

Owner: Brian Norton
Telephone: 613-803-0624  
Email: banorton@hotmail.ca

Products: Turned vases, lided pots, lighted glass bulbs, hourglasses bowls and other wooden objects in domestic and exotic woods.

Stall location: CH10 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Our Little Secret

Owner: Laurie Barcier
Telephone: 613-342-6642
Email: louielip03@yahoo.ca

Products: Old fashioned baked goods with a twist. Made fresh within 24 hours, we stay up all night to bring you the very freshest baked goods we can!

Stall location: 6 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Red Brick Gardens

Owner: John Espadero
Telephone: 613-345-1461 x2629
Email: john.espadero@theroyal.ca   

Products: Offering a variety of items including potted flowers, hanging baskets, locally grown organic produce, baked pet treats, pillows & crafts, unique artwork.

Stall location: B5 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Roots Down

Owners: Suzanne Klug
Telephone: 613-382-9568
Email: sue@rootsdown.ca
Website:  www.rootsdown.ca

Products: Seasonal, extensive variety of certified organic veggies. Occasional farm products such as sauerkraut.

Stall location: 49 & 50 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Sabor Del Sur (taste of the south)

Owner: Javiera Soto Breiding
Telephone: 613-802-8024
Email: sabordelsurbrockville@gmail.com   

Products: Home made health conscious typical South American baked goods, soups, ceviche,hot sauce and appetizers.  Packaged and presented for take home.

Stall location: 25 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Safehaven Farms

Owners: Amanda Biemond
Telephone: 613-342-8757
Email: safehavenfarms@live.ca

Products: Organic Yogourt  Fresh produce, canned goods, frozen produce, chicken, breads, buns, pies, various other seasonal products. Perrenials.

Stall location: 18  ↑↑ top ↑↑


Siam Cuisine

Owners: Bulai Moore
Telephone: 613-258-0024
Email: bualaimoore@gmail.com

Products: Thai food, freshly prepared spring rolls, samosas, phad thai, mango salad and more

Stall location: 47  ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Snapping Turtle Farm 

Owner: Deanna Lichti
Telephone: 613-213-2190
Email: lichtid@gmail.com
Website: www.homegrownhealth.ca

Products:  Organically grown mixed vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetable starts, dried spices and homemade hand salve.

Stall location: 41 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Tandoori Mint

Owner: Harnoor Toor
Telephone: 613-865-7518
Email: tandoorimint1@gmail.com
Website: www.tandoorimint.ca

Products: Experience the taste of authentic Indian cuisine.  Freshly cooked Butter Chicken with Basmati rice, Naan Bread, Samaosa, Onion Bhaji, Chana Masala, Tandoori Chicken and more

Stall location: 40  ↑↑ top ↑↑


Terraform Farm   

Owner: Trevor Cooper
Telephone: 613-222-5556
Email: terraformfarm@gmail.com

Products:  Farming without pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. Fresh produce, pasture raised pork and grass fed lamb.

Stall location: CH13 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


The Crumble  

Owner: Ashley Formosa and Brent LaRue
Telephone: 613-239-7676
Email: thecrumbleshop@gmail.com

Products:  Butter tarts, cookies, candy and baked goods.

Stall location: CH5 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


The Herbal Path

Owner: Linda Davis
Telephone:  613-213-2129
Email: info@theherbalpath.com
Website: www.theherbalpath.com

Products: Specialty teas, wellness teas, tinctures, oils ,sprays, lotions and salves and herbal products.

Stall location: 8 ↑↑ top ↑↑


The Hot Spot

Owner: Albert and Dulia Roes
Telephone: 613-925-0003
Email: duliaroes@gmail.com

Products:  Hot dogs, sausages, peameal bacon, hamburgers, pulled pork, drinks and daily speacials.

Stall location: 51 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


The Little German Baker & Grill 

Owner: Doris Whelan
Telephone: 613-880-2118
Email: littlegermanbakerandgrill@gmail.com

Products:  German and Canadian baked goods and homemade German and Canadian Concessions

Stall location: 15 ↑↑ top ↑↑  


The Sweet Life by Jenco Baking

Owners: Jen & Shawn Mills
Telephone: 613-275-2958
Email: jencobaking@hotmail.com
Website: www.jencobaking.webs.com

Products: Baked goods, baby blankets & quilts, scarves, chili, jar mixes and freshly brewed coffees and teas.

Stall location: 48 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Thor's Trinkets

Owners: Ingrid Bjornson
Telephone: 613-246-4975
Email: ingrid@thorstrinkets.com
Website: www.thorstrinkets.com

Products: Traditional patterns of chainmaille with contemporary elements and a modern design.  Jewelry  and accessories made from a variety of metals including sterling silver, copper, stainless steel and anodized aluminium

Stall location: 19  ↑↑ top ↑↑


Tincap Berry Farm

Owners: Robert & Iris Dentz
Telephone: 613-345-3096
Email: ridentz@tincapberryfarm.ca
Website: www.tincapberryfarm.ca

Products: Fresh local produce.  Berries, asparagus, herbs, potatoes, peas, beans, tomatoes, squash, corn, peppers, garlic, carrots, glads, melons, apples and beets.

Stall location: 10 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Uniquely Yours

Owner: Chuck Abrams
Telephone: 613-923-5684
Email: cabrams@xplornet.ca

Products: Kiln fired glass items. Dicroic glass jewelry.

Stall location: 44    ↑↑ top ↑↑  


Vista Farm

Owners: Margaret Plume
Telephone: 613-802-9577
Email: margaretplume@gmail.com

Products: Non pasteurized liquid honey, flavoured honeys and 100% beeswax candles.  Wooden products, beeswax wraps, lotion, cream, exfoliants and lip balm.  Goat milk soaps. Beef products.

Stall location: DW1 ↑↑ top ↑↑


White Paws Canada

Owners: Rob Seto
Email: info@whitepaws.ca
Website: www.whitepaws.ca

Products:  A wide variety of healthy baked pet treats and raw dehydrated chews. Natural catnip toys!

Stall location: 14 ↑↑ top ↑↑


Wind Whispers

Owners: Francine Ross
Phone: 613-826-3777
Email: frankie.ross56@hotmail.com

Products:  Individually handmade custom windchimes.

Stall location: CH4 ↑↑ top ↑↑